• Dongre Sushma Assistant professor, Dept.of Rasshashtra, Goverment.Ayurved collge, Osmanabad
  • Kelgaonkar Dinesh Associate professor, Dept. of Ras shastra , Vasant Dada Patil Ayurved Medical College, Sangli, Maharashtra, India.


COVID-19, Rasashastra, Bhasma, Kupipakwa Rasayana, Kharaliya Rasayana


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Today world is fighting with deadly corona virus pandemic and all medical fraternity is searching for promising solution for this ailment. So it is time to explore medicines for this pandemic situation of covid 19.. Antibiotics and Anti-viral drugs are always on front foot to tackle such acute conditions but right now there is no sure anti-viral treatment is available. According to the current observation, mostly elderly and immune compromised co morbid conditions are more prone to this disease. So there is urgent need of such drug which will increase the immunity as well as stop further progression of disease. Ayurveda has enriched with so many formulations. Rasaushadhies are one of them which have a strong potential to boost immunity along with therapeutic role in such conditions due to its phenomenal characteristics such as quick action, less dose and easy palatability. According to the Ayurveda Nidan Shastra (Science of Diagnosis of diseases) symptoms of COVID-19 can be correlated with Vatakaphaj Jwara which then turn into Swashanaka Jwara and it is counted under Sannipataja Jwara (Involve all three Dosha and difficult to treat). There is a wide range of pharmaceuticals which could be used in COVID-19 according to Ayurveda. Present paper aimed to highlight some Rasaaushadhies in the form of Bhasma, kupipakwa rasayana, and Kharaliya rasayana. It is noticed that almost all contents of described Rasaaushadhies have Ushna, Tikshna properties. Tikta and Katu Rasa which mark there action on Kapha and Kaphajanya Vikara. . Bhasma like Abhraka help to improve the disturbed physiology of respiratory organs. Kajjali(HgS) and arsenic in Kupipakwa Rasayana has vishaghna, Yogavahi (catalystic) properties which helps to nullify toxins in mucosal secretions. Arsenic compounds in Kharaliya rasayana has immense potential to treat respiratory disorders by its strong antitussive and stimulant action. Rasayana properties claims immune boosting and protective action of body tissue. Ayurveda Rasaushadhies has been used for prevention as well as therapeutic purposes. It has a strong potential to cure respiratory infections and complications if use cautiously with proper adjuvants. There is need to generate clinical data in order to evidence safe use of this ancient medication in such pandemic disease.



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Dongre Sushma, & Kelgaonkar Dinesh. (2020). EXPLORING RASAUSHADHIES AS A POSSIBLE REMEDIES FOR CORONA VIRUS DISEASE: A REVIEW. International Journal of Applied Ayurved Research, 4(7), 683–692. Retrieved from https://ijaar.in/index.php/journal/article/view/747



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