• Fulzele Pranali Assistant Professor , BMAC & RH, Butibori, Maharashtra.
  • Bodhakar Kishor Associate Professor , BMAC & RH, Butibori, Maharashtra.
  • Urmale Rajesh Professor & HOD, BMAC & RH, Butibori, Maharashtra


Tuthhakadi Varti, Nadivrana, Bhagandar, Vrana, Varti kalpana


Introduction : Varti Kalpana is included in Ayurveda for internal & external use. Different types of Vartis are mentioned in different therapeutic conditions , Out of these , Vrana varti is used in different forms of wounds. In Sushruta , Varti Kalpana is mentioned under the heading of Shashtiupakrama in Dvivraniya Chikitsa. According to Classical text, Nadivrana comes under Dushta vrana because of its non healing nature. As per modern medicine, Nadivrana and Bhagandar could be correlate with fistula. Surgical intervention includes wide excision and takes much time for secondary healing and high chances of recurrence. There are different interventions are mentioned in ayurvedic text for the treatment of Dushta Vrana or Nadivrana like Ksharsutra and use of varties. In some conditions of Nadivrana, use of Varti shows good results as well easy to use. One of very important formulation which is in use for treatment of Nadivrana is Tutthakadi Varti mentioned in Rasatarangini a 19th century text. Aims & Objectives : An present attempt has been made to evaluate pharmacological activity of Herbomineral formulation of Tutthakadi Varti in Nadivrana & Bhagandar. It will provide information about therapeutic efficacy of the formulation on Vrana Shodhana. Materials & Methods : Detailed study of Vartis , Nadivrana & Bhagandar done from classical text,Research published Research articles, pharmacological properties of drugs included in varti studied from particular texts as well as modern texts was noted . Result : Most Ingredients have Tikta , Kashay , Madhur Rasa predominantly. Veerya of Some ingredients are Ushna (Kushtha, Haritaki, Bibhitaki, Darvi, Dantimool, Trivrutta, Til, whereas Amalaki, Nimbu And Pippali having, Sheeta, Anushna Anushn Saheeta, Sheet Virya. Most of the ingredients possess Katu and Madhura Vipaka.Conclusion : As it shows Shothahar, Vranashodhan , Vranaroapan & Dushtastravahar effect locally . Also Pharmacological Activities of the ingredients of the Tuthhakadi Varti has shown its use as Anti- inflammatory, Anti- Bacterial, Anti- Fungal and Anti- Oxidant. It also shows Antimicrobial, Anti Diabetic properties .So This Review helps the Researcher to explore this formulation for more pharmacological activities of the Tuthhakadi Varti.


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