• Bhopinder Singh PhD Scholar, Department of PG Studies in Shalya Tantra Parul Institute of Ayurveda Vadodara, Gujarat Assistant Professor Department of Shalya Tantra Smt.Urmila Devi Ayurvedic College of Medical Sciences and Hospital, Hoshiarpur, Punjab
  • Rajiv Dole Professor and HOD Department of PhD Studies in Shalakya Tantra Parul Institute of Ayurveda Vadodara, Gujarat
  • Yogitha Bali M. R Professor and HOD, Dept of Shareera Rachana Sushrutha Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, Bangalore Chief Ayurveda & Yoga Consultant AAYUSH- Multispeciality Ayurveda & Integrated Healthcare Arakere, Bangalore


Varicose veins, Jalaukavacharana, Leech therapy, Primary, Secondary


Varicose veins though painless initially may also lead to serious complications including pain, leg cramps, ulceration, poor quality of life discomfort, even loss of life and absenteeism. It is of two types as primary and secondary varicose veins. Pregnancy, obesity, old age, prolonged standing, chronic rise in intra-abdominal pressure, and athletics are some of the various predisposing factors of varicose veins. Primary varicose veins are the one with the defect in the valves of the perforating veins or the superficial venous system. One that occurs due to the obstruction in venous flow such as deep vein thrombosis DVT is called as Secondary varicose veins. Jalaukavacharana, also called as Leech therapy is one of the important parasurgical procedure of Ayurvedic science that comes under the branch of Ayurvedic Surgery. There are number of studies showing the effectiveness of Jalaukavacharana in Vranas and Twak vikaras and least studies showing the effect of Jalaukavacharana in the varicose veins though it is very effective in relieving the complaints of the varicose veins and its complications. Present study focuses on the Jalaukavacharana, its role and its importance in the management of Varicose veins, which is one of commonest problem affecting the obese people and the ones who stand for longer period. Leech therapy is one of the effective procedures that is affordable, can be administered in day to day practice and even at the OPD level and with no adverse effects. It has shown effective changes both in the management of varicose veins and in reducing its complications after administering the leech therapy with proper examination. More and more number of randomized clinical studies with large sample sizes are required to authenticate the effectiveness of Jalaukavacharana.



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