• Sharma Charu Associate Prof. Department of Kaya Chikitsa, Quadra Institute of Ayurveda Roorkee Haridwar Uttarakhand
  • Mahajan Amit Medical Officer, Department of Ayush UT of , Jammu & Kashmir


Annahava Srotas, Tikta Amlodgar, Hruth Kanth, Klam


Introduction: Now a day’s Amlapitta is very common disease in society due to improper habits of food intake and busy schedules. It affects the estimated 40-50% of world population and more than 50-60% of the patients greater than 30 years of age. It can significantly impact the quality of life of affected individuals as well as their families. Amlapitta is a disease of Annahavaha Srotas and is more common in the present scenario of unhealthy diets and regimens. Ayurvedic description of the disease Amlapitta closely resembles with that of Gastritis. It is characterized by Tikta Amlodgar, Hruth Kanth Daha, Aruchi, Klam, Avipak, and Chardi.The case of Amlapitta, was managed with internal medicine as well as dietic regimen.Case: A 33-year-old male patient presented with complaints of Chardi, sour belching (Amlodgara), burning sensation in throat and chest (Hritkanthadaha), Adhmana and Aruchi for 1 year. Treatment – Agnimandya was the first step towards the disease which led to Aama formation which then vitiated the Pitta Dosha. Amlapitta is caused by Agnimandhyata and Pitta Dushti. So, while treating Amlapitta the drugs which are having Deepana, Paachana and Pitta Shamaka properties should be selected. Amalaki churna, Giloya, Kamdudha, Avipattikar Churna Chitrakadi Vati with Pathyapathya regimen was designed and advised to the patient was found helpful in alleviating the symptoms of Amlapitta. Result and conclusion: The patient was asked for follow-up after 15 days. Then the patient was asked to come for follow-up after every 15 days. It was seen that patient got mild relief from Chardi, sour belching (Amlodgara), burning sensation in throat and chest (Hritkanthadaha), Adhmana and Aruchi on day 15th. And it also seen that there was no recurrence of Amlapitta even after two months.



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